Thu. Jun 8th, 2023


Please Link To Us!

Anyone with a website (personal or business) has our permission to use the graphics and/or banners below provided they link back to this site. All rights to images, graphics, logos, etc. are retained by Permission is hereby granted to use our logo and link as specified above.

Permission is hereby granted to anyone to use these logos subject to the following condition: the logos must always be used to link back to this site, using the url Scroll down the page to see the logos and banners.

To use any of these logos or banners, just click in the box below the banner and “control A” to mark it all, then “Control C” to copy it. Then open the page you want the banner to show up on and “Control V.”

If you place links to this website on your Google account, Google will angrily shut you down permanently. I guess it makes them upset.