Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

Hi, I like to make a complaint about YouTube not uploading, uploading late or not uploading Chrissy Fitzgerald’s youtube videos till the next day. I love Chrissys channel, and am getting very annoyed, as well as all of her followers, that it takes so long for youtube to upload her videos. I have tried to contact youtube about this, and am just getting ignored.

It’s absolutely rediculious censorship that’s going on. Chrissys videos do not breach any of YouTube’s terms and conditions and their should not be any reason why their getting uploaded so late. Secondly, I’d like to make a complaint about YouTube either hiding or deleting comments on Chrissys videos, which also do not breach any of their terms and conditions. I’m finding that ppl on her channel are posting comments, and when the channel says, say, 25 comments ( eg) that only 2 or 3 are getting shown. This is so rediculious its not funny, as it’s a breach of the consumers right to freedom of expression, our comments are being withheld from view, and it’s not on.

If you could PLS investigate this, and help Chrissy Fitzgerald psychic life coach,( her youtube channel is (Chrissy Fitzgerald’s world predictions), that would be great. If you could contact Chrissy, we would be eternally greatful. Thankyou very much for taking the time to read this complaint, and hope this gets sorted out soon, By uploading videos in a timely manner, and not deleting, or hiding the comments in her comment section.

Many thanks,


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