Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

Tired of big tech censorship? We know we are, so we have put together a little treat for Google executives who think it is a good idea to censor search results for political reasons. To find out where the enemy sleeps visit

Nobody sleeps well with picketers outside their place. Don’t believe us, ask SCOTUS. That is why we don’t mind publishing their addresses but be warned if you’re thinking of copying and pasting them anywhere. Google will remove or suppress them citing the new anti-doxxing policy they built for themselves after this information was posted. Their policy didn’t permit them to censor their own info from search and next thing you know they’ll remove doxxing content upon request. We are doing this website a favor by only posting the link.

FYI, Bing is under Google influence. Google’s people have gotten the Google Employees website removed from Bing, Pinterest, and Facebook. The Bing removal is most surprising because they managed to get not just that site but every social media account promoting Google Employees removed quickly as well. So much for the two of them being competitors. If Bing were a true competitor they wouldn’t care what happens to Google Employees.


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