Thu. Jun 8th, 2023


Yes — but it is NOT 100% guaranteed. Filing complaints against Google can be highly effective and greatly increases the chances that Google will solve your problem. You must know only complaint to the right places, but your complaint must be strong, articulate and compelling. A person who does not file a complaint against Google has a ZERO percent chance of getting his or her problem solved. A person who files complaints against Google has a better than 50% chance of getting a positive resolution from Google. This website is full of information on how and where you can make complaints against Google. If you are lazy you will get exactly what you worked for. If you work a little and stand toe-to-toe with Google, you will be rewarded!

Yes, Google Chrome is spyware as are all Google software and hardware products. We know this from the several court cases that Google lost in the European Union recently. Google was charged with privacy violations (essentially spyware) and each time they were dragged back into court for additional violations, so Google’s pattern is to simply use all software and all hardware they produce as different vulnerabilities to violate your privacy. Be aware of what sites you visit and know that clearing your history does not remove your footprints. Or switch to any of the very good alternatives, such as Opera or Firefox.

(1) Contact and negotiate with Google directly — as long as it takes and as many times as it takes until you get a definite answer (they can help you or they cannot help you).

(2) File as many written complaints to as many people and agencies as possible to pressure Google into solving your problem.

(3) Take Google to small claims court if your case qualifies.

(4) Sue Google in a state court or a federal court.

YES, Google Adsense has scammed millions of people out of there money.

Based on all of the information that you are able to gather about Google, you have to decide if you are comfortable with Google having it.

Second, your information is no more at risk than it would be with your local bank, actual credit card company, or credit giver. All of these places — including Google have both physical and procedural security about who has access to your personal and financial situation. Google’s servers — where your information is actually stored is well protected both physically and in a software sense.

However be warned that in Google’s User Agreement they are not responsible or held liable for any information that is compromised.

Another factor you should consider is employee fraud coming from Google. There is a significant risk of employee fraud at Google. It has happened in the past and will continue to happen in the future. Google, often times, does not prosecute employees who who customer information to steal money or engage in fraudulent activities as the charges would be available to the public. That is publicity that Google cannot afford — as such, Google keeps such incidents very quiet. In Security and Exchange Filings Google has made it very clear that employee fraud is a problem and does happen.

Why is Google only indexing my homepage only, but not all pages of my website? it is most likely for one of the following reasons: Google is more of advertising search engine now. This is most common reason for all websites. Google will only indexed one page to your website that’s your homepage only for free. To get your website fully indexed you must pay Google for Google Ads Google will consider your site to be 100 percent trustworthy and relevant to show it for the keywords you want to rank for and get all your websites pages will be fully indexed. Remember No Cheese, No indexed