Thu. Jun 8th, 2023


A brief introduction to

The reasons behind the website?

Although we believe that Google is one of the most innovative and useful online companies, we also think that Google does many things that leave you scratching your head thinking this can not be the same Google whose motto is “do no evil”.

Google needs to be checked, and people should have a centralized place to air their grievances with the Internet Giant. Since the early days of the Internet, it has been accepted that domains in the form of CompanyXsucks.ext are legitimate consumer/social protest domains that can be used to protest against such companies and serve as a gathering place to discuss the short-comings of these big corporations.

Google Inc. (Being the EVIL genius that they are) registered all major Sucks variation of their domain example (, & & ( all are registered and maintained by Google Inc. so as not to allow others to register these domains and establish a legitimate place to expose the dark and evil side of this multi-national Internet giant. This was of course not fair and makes Google look bad, but thankfully there are closely related domains like This domain was registered for a long time and the owner did not use it to it’s fullest potential as a consumer advocacy & awareness domain. When the registration lapsed for, we were lucky enough to be able to register it, and now we plan to use it for the above mentioned purpose, as a protest domain name that gives Internet users a centralized place to take advantage of their right to free speech to discuss the good, the bad and the ugly in everything related to Google.

We plan to offer a web forum to serve as place to discuss Google, and how it can negatively (or positively) affect people and businesses both large and small. We’ll also offer a directory that lists all major alternatives to everything that Google offers like Google Search, gMail, gTalk, Google Maps, Google Adsense, Google Adwords and all other Google services. We intend to make this website the biggest and most comprehensive Google protest site that we can. Any and all help to make the site better is very welcome, please join us and let us build this important site together.

Last but not least, we would like to reiterate that we are not completely against Google, Google is amazing technically at what they do, yet they do certain other things in a cruel, under-handed and unfair way, and we intend to expose that, yet we’ll be singing Google’s praises whenever they do the right thing. We hope to influence Google to change for the better by exposing what they do wrong. We hope that Google pays close attention and find our site useful by listening and learning what people think of them and take that into account while conducting their various business operation. They can only benefit from this if they of course chose to listen.

Since was created, our goal has always been to assist the public on making an informed decision about using Google. We sincerely hope the information we’ve provided has helped and we wish you the best of success with your business.

The website is a consumer and business protest and awareness website. The website is NOT affiliated with, associated to, nor endorsed by Google Inc.

Here is a short video explaining the overwhelming domination and power of Google. This is precisely why a consumer advocacy and social awareness website such as is badly needed.

The next video is a comedic presentation of a fictional Google product (The new Google Toilet). Although a parody, this video highlights people’s privacy concerns over Google’s (almost-complete) domination of internet search and other internet areas. This grave concern over Google’s privacy policies and it’s actual conduct is indeed very scary and far from being fictional.